Still working on this blog! I have an About section; need to add Contact Me, Budget, and Help Me sections. Also need to add a Text Widget with Important Dates, as well as links to KaosPilots-related websites. Also should consider posting my 100 Ways To Fundraise list.

International Board Contact

I’m slowly contacting the KP International Board members. I’ve been in semi-regular contact with Michael Doneman (founder of Edgeware and a postgrad student in my university) and Uffe Elbaek (founder of the KaosPilots) and they have been very helpful and supportive. Board members I’ve contacted so far:

  • David Madié
  • Lars Kolind – REPLIED! Suggested the Oticon Foundation, which I gather does health research? Reminded me that foundations are a good place to search for funding.
  • Ouafa Rian – REPLIED! Basically “hi” and “good luck”, but also made interesting note on being Muslim and a KaosPilot. I come from a Muslim background so it was good to get in touch with her. She was the first person to reply – 5 minutes!
  • Steen Hildebrant – REPLIED! Didn’t know of any funding sources but suggested I talk to the KP Management. Which I am, already 🙂
  • Ulrik Merrild
  • Iris Surburg
  • Alan Webber

I couldn’t get in touch with the following: (mainly because I couldn’t work out what their email address was)

  • Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt
  • Erik Rasmussen
  • Hanne Vibeke-Holst
  • Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen
  • Per-Uno Alm
  • Dag Swanström
  • Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen – web searches seemed to imply he passed away recently??
  • David Albury – email address bounced

I’ll go through the rest of the list soon. If you know anyone in the Board, particularly those in the “Could Not Contact” list, do let me know.

Contact with Other KaosPilots

I’ve just emailed Sarita from Team 14, who seems to be the only Asian person so far. I’d like to know her perspective on things – the KaosPilots is Scandinavian-centric and only just became international, so she’d probably have to go through teething problems.

I met Kamilla from Team 12/13 (??) at a workshop in Brisbane; I should really get back in touch with her. Also awaiting a reply from Sky (team 12 I believe) who I’ve been in correspondence with. I’ve got some of the Stockholm crew on Facebook too.


I’ve asked the Inspire Foundation to ask if they could auspice my fundraising efforts. I need the legitimacy (people know and trust Inspire, me not so much) and I also need help with the finances and legal issues. They’re considering my request at the moment.

I’ve got a draft plan for the STA Travel Trust. They seem to fund self-created projects mainly, but hopefully they’ll consider my request.

I did contact Colleen Kinder for the Delaying the Real World 2008 Fellowship, but she told me it wasn’t meant for people going on established programs. Bummer.


It’s hard to coordinate job and uni stuff when I’m away in Malaysia for the summer. I struggled quite a bit this semester so I’m nervous about the possibility of losing my scholarship. That’d put a damper on things 😦 Next year is my 3rd and final year. I’ve planned my subjects so that I clear all my required stuff in Semester 1 and leave the electives for Semester 2. I’m trying to see if I can negotiate credit for the electives via the KaosPilots. If I get into Team 15, I’ll miss Semester 2, so while I’d have effectively done all the required modules I still can’t graduate. I’m not fussy about certification (I just want to LEARN) but it would still be a bummer to put in so much effort and not get the reward due to a technicality. We’ll see.

I don’t currently have a job, but I’m looking for one that will give me flexibility and doesn’t demand too much energy (because I tend to do too much as it is and really need to work on managing my time and energy). Am looking for work in event management, media, community, and non-profits. I’m thinking of working as a facilitator with the FRANK Team – it’s fun, inspires young people, pretty similar to what I want to do, pays pretty well, and is flexible. Need to get hired first though!

Personal Matters

I’ll probably have to sell off a lot of my things. My books will be so hard to part with!!! Argh. I should build a community library and share them, but that doesn’t get me money (unless people pay for membership, or something). Am also trying to think of ways to get Malaysians involved with my project – though Malaysia is notoriously difficult for getting funding for anything besides science, so who knows really.