Going down the list again:

  • Contacted:
    • Laurie Meadoff
    • Oscar Motomura
    • Larissa Sansour – I hope I wasn’t *too* political for her…I find it interesting that she’s on the same board with an Israeli (Joshua) yet has signed a petition to culturally boycott Israel. Hmm. (Personally? I feel everyone’s from the same planet and that this constant divide on cultural/religious/etc basis and all these wars are absurd. World Peace, People!)
    • Anand Shah – whee, South Asia!
    • Kristin Birkeland – REPLIED! She stopped working with the KaosPilots this summer, but referred me to some current staff members that would be useful. w00t.
    • Anders Graae – or “GRAAAAAAAA”, because they forgot the “e” in his listing on the Board webpage and it just makes his name sound sillier.
    • Elise Sendstad – she did a youth leadership program for her final exam! This is DEFINITELY someone I want to stay in touch with (even if to steal her notes. haha.)
    • Signe Gro Jensen
  • Couldn’t Contact:
    • John Kao
    • Margaret Hancock – there’s a couple of Margaret Hancocks on Google and I couldn’t work out which was whose (The ones about Toronto were definitely hers but had no email address; wasn’t sure if she got involved with anything else)
    • Joshua Simon – can’t understand Hebrew!
    • Ketan Lakhani – passed away in September. 😦 Many condolences and prayers. (he seemed so young too…)
    • Ada Ying Kay Wong

Also emailed Mark, who I had met while in Aarhus. Lovely honest guy. I wonder how he’s doing.

Yay I’ve contacted everybody! Now to see how it goes.