Just sent a query email to Projektrådgivningen, an organization that works with Danish NGOs. They may be able to point me to some ideas.

On the AskMefi site it was suggested to me to apply to Hyper Island, a design school in Sweden with a business management program. They have very similar admissions styles (or do all Scandinavian programs have 2 day admissions workshops?!) and program structure, though I didn’t see any Outposts or anything of the kind there. It was formed in 1995 so I think they must have been somewhat influenced by the KaosPilots. According to the suggester, it might be easier for me to get funding for Sweden as opposed to Denmark, because apparently Denmark’s got a hold on foreign nationals or something.

On the one hand, I haven’t heard of Hyper Island and it’s always interesting to hear of other programs in the KaosPilots vein. It’s interesting that they all seem to be based in Scandinavia – is there something about that area that draws this kind of innovation? On the other hand, as far as my situation is concerned, it’s still difficult to get funding no matter where in Scandinavia I go. Lack of scholarships, lack of government funding. At least with the KaosPilots I’ve managed to gain some connections and I have experienced the program somewhat, so that’s a distinct advantage I had. I also didn’t quite appreciate “give up on this and go apply to something else instead” as an answer, because it seems very flippant (“I KNOW YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS BUT I’LL TELL YOU ANYWAY”) but I know the suggester meant well.

Going through the archives of LinkedIn Answers to find, well, answers. No one’s answered my question yet though, bummer.