In the GK3 conference there are 2 Walls of Opportunities set up – one in Centerstage for the main exhibitors and one in the YSEI tent. I left messages in both walls asking for help with KaosPilot funding. So far I got a reply from Ruairi of SpunOut, offering linkages (he is a pretty nifty Irish dancer XD), and Daniel of Ideapreneur, whom I’ve befriended, posted a note under mine saying he could connect me with investors. Silly person, he could just talk to me since we chat all the time! But it’s fun, and a LOT of people have been posting up opportunities. I hope they collect and archive all the messages and put them up online, that would be a GREAT resource.

Amy Baker, whom I’m guessing is Laurie Meadoff’s assistant, has offered to set up a time with me to chat with her about my request. Yay! It will be a little tricky as she is based in the US, but at least this is something concrete. Who knows where it would lead to.

While I was at GK3, I spent a LOT of time at BrainStore’s ideaFactory (by the way: HELLO BRAINSTORE PEOPLE! I know you’ll probably find this blog in five seconds, as you did last time. Say hi. :D) playing with ideas. Phase 1 was to come up with all sorts of inspirations – the sillier the better, IMHO. In Phase 2, the inspirations are collected and exhibited, and visitors are asked to come up with more concrete ideas fitting the theme of World of Entrepreneurs. You could write them down on paper or key them into their database, and if you want them drawn there are Illustrators wandering around to literally visualize your idea. The better ideas are hung up on display and people vote for their favourite three, then the ones with 3 or more votes will be (or already have) processed by an expert thinktank until they choose the best 20 to be presented at this evening’s Closing Plenary.

I contributed about 20 or so ideas on the World of Entrepreneurs theme, and many of them earned a lot of votes. Among them were youth investments, NGO/Social Enterprise money, a socially-conscious dating service, abolishing exams (very typical of an educated deviant!!), a system to suggest research topics to academics, and much more. I must have set some sort of a record!! I won’t be surprised if half of the 20 ideas at tonight’s plenary are mine, really. I did jokingly ask people to “vote for MEEEEE”, but it was more empowering for myself to see my ideas up for sharing and people actually appreciating them.

I managed to get the attention of Markus Mettler, the founder of BrainStore. He’s a bit younger than I expected given that the company was founded 17 years ago (he started it when he was 20). I asked him (as I did everyone else) how I could get involved with BrainStore and when he asked me what my strengths are, I told him “those better ideas you have at the Airport (the display area)? Half of them are MINE.”. As soon as I said that, he offered me a one-year traineeship at BrainStore in Switzerland. w00t! (Well, I have to APPLY first, but chances are good.) I then asked him if his company could sponsor me to be a KaosPilot student. He didn’t really say anything, but did say that if I ever make it to Europe, I’m more than welcome to work with BrainStore. He’s supposed to connect me to Anne who works with Research too, as I love researching.

If the KaosPilots thing doesn’t work out, at least I have another option! But I am DEFINITELY going to send him a better proposal soon. I need to look up this business of fundraising by selling “shares”. Sounds like a great idea, but I’m not sure what I can offer investors. Ideas?

Speaking of which. I’m considering hiring BrainStore to come up with fuindraising ideas for me. RM30, not bad. I hope they accept PayPal.