1. Come up with a One Page Proposal for this project
  2. Keep in touch with the BrainStore people
  3. Look through my store of contacts from GK3 and ask them for assistance and ideas
  4. Research KP partner companies
  5. Consider making Facebook group
  6. Start looking up funding on SPIN now that my account’s been approved
  7. Make yearly budgets
  8. Find out once and for all what the situation is on Danish healthcare (free or not?)
  9. Find better quotes for Danish healthcare, if I have to pay for it
  10. Get a pile of aerogrammes and start writing
  11. Start planning prospectus
  12. Look up fundraising by “share” sales
  13. Ask Daniel for contacts
  14. Ask Spidey if she knows any Danes, or any connect-able people (she is pretty connected…)
  15. Look up:
    • UNESCO funds
    • EU funds
    • Trans-Asia-EU funds (I didn’t even consider that…)
    • Danish companies in SEA
      • Maersk
      • United Plantation/Aarhus United
      • Norden Singapore