The totally awesome Jac managed to dig up some info about healthcare – apparently you’re covered if you’re there long-term. This seems to be the most consistent answer so far so the odds are good that I’ll get to shave off a MASSIVE cost off my budget. She also found the website of the Royal Danish Consulate in Brisbane (I had previously found the Australia-wide consul website) so I’ve shot them an email about healthcare and funding ideas.

I’ve sent thank-you notes to everyone who’s replied to my emails, but I have a feeling I’m missing a few people. Erm. I star all the messages I have to reply to/act on, but I seem to have forgotten to star a few messages so now I can’t find them. If you haven’t received a thank you note from me, let me know and I’ll rectify it.

I started a Facebook group for this blog/cause: Help Make Tiara a KaosPilot!. It’s mainly to get suggestions and support from my Facebook friends, and to get introduced to people that could help me out. Do join me!