I finally worked out who I missed for thank-you notes – they were two people whose messages I checked on my phone, so I didn’t add a star. Projektrådgivningen said that they mainly worked with development/civil society NGOs, so they weren’t sure of resources, but they invited me to their office when I’m in Aarhus as they’re right next door. A lot of different things are next door to each other at Mejlgade (the street the school is in) – pretty concentrated place.

Kasper, one of the Team Leaders there (whom I think I met in Stockholm – his photo looked familiar!!), told me that I should consider applying for a scholarship in my application, as the KaosPilots organization are considering setting up scholarships to help international folk like myself. I certainly would love to be their first recipient! I’ll definitely do that once January comes.

I finally plucked up the courage to email Jytte and ask about her mystery friend. Turns out she is no longer with the KaosPilots, and unfortunately she isn’t connected with her American friend either! Oh well. There goes one option…

She forwarded my email to Christer, the CEO. Poor Christer. That makes 3 forwards now. He’s going to have the entire world sending him stuff. I should really write in my emails “BTW I AM TALKING TO CHRISTER SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT FORWARDS THANKS”. Sorry, Christer!

I also sent a greeting to Anders, their IT dude – I met him in Aarhus. According to him, if you don’t have Apple Macs, you won’t be able to access some of the KP networks. Is that even possible? How does your type of computer determine the networks you’re allowed to view? What if you’re on Linux? (or Windows for that matter?) I’d rather not have to change my (relatively new) laptop, but still.

I emailed my mentor Bob (who was my Program Manager on my Up with People tour) because he is the most charismatic person I know and I want some charisma! He isn’t a big fundraising person, but he did suggest going about it based on what I hope to do with the education. I do have some ideas but it would be good to put them down on paper.

Peter from Team 12, who was also facilitating the Stockholm workshop, heard about my Facebook group and sent me an email suggesting I connect with two South Americans in his crew. According to him:

My advice is that you contact them and ask how they’ve solved the whole “yournotfromeuropesowe’llmakeyoufeelitcrap”.

That is the most succinct and awesome phrase ever.

I added a whole bunch of links to online directories – I was going through a few teenybopper ones from Glitter (ah, the good old days of subdomains and coloured scrollbars) but realized that they would never give me enough traffic to be worth the hassle. I added a few that looked promising – we’ll see.

On an unrelated note: organic rice & soy milk is awesome, and if one tiny box didn’t cost as much as a whole meal I’d buy a lot more of it. Yum.