I just got an email from the Danish consul in Brisbane asking me to ring him up with I’m back to set up a meeting. Score! I’ll have to start preparing some documents, then. When I was trying to fundraise (unsuccessfully :P) for my Up with People trip, I wrote a letter to the US Embassy and managed to get a meeting, where they gave me some ideas. Hopefully this will turn out well too.

Kasper the team leader advised me to write my scholarship request as a cover letter. That’s good – the questions are already full-on as it is and adding another bit of information on top of that would be overkill! I wonder if it would be the same as the other apps. They tend to be the same year after year, with the creative project being the only variable. The project in Stockholm was to write a presentation on a business idea – I’d laugh if Aarhus has the same one!

Larissa Sansour wrote back, and thankfully she wasn’t offended with my question about her interaction with Joshua (he’s Israeli, she’s Palestinian). She’s Christian (so my “salam” was misplaced, whoops!) and she told me that the conflict’s political, not religious, and she’s fine with people who recognize that, so there hasn’t been any issues with Joshua. She also recommended Ouafa (the awesome) as a source of information.