I’m getting connected to all sorts of creative ventures lately.

Samuel from BrainStore (who incidentally remembered me!!) replied to my idea request and said that they’ll come up with ideas for me by the end of the week. That was quick! He’ll discuss payment after. I hope it’s not TOO much, because I don’t know if I can afford it. Maybe $50 at most, poor student and all šŸ˜ Speaking of BrainStore – I’ve just been accepted as a NetScout freelancer, which basically means researching random things online. Finally, getting paid for what I do everyday! XD Once they get an English-speaking job they’ll let me know. It’ll be funny if I get assigned to research my own issue…

I recently bought Self-Promotion for the Creative Person by Lee Silber to get some ideas for promoting myself, this project, and this blog. I checked out his website for more ideas and dropped him an line. To my surprised, he replied very quickly! He even read my blog! He suggested that I try to provide benefits for those sponsoring me, such as profiling them on my blog.

I do know that providing benefits for sponsors is important. The most important thing, really, because they wouldn’t sponsor me unless they got something out of the deal. I’m low on ideas on what I can offer them though – it’s not like I can pay them cash dividends. Here’s what I thought of:

  • Speaking and consulting opportunities
  • Thank-you event
  • Networking & introductions to diff. companies and people
  • Regular updates
  • Short-term work

What else can I give them? If you wanted to invest in me, and you knew I couldn’t pay you back in cash, what would you prefer?

I also found the Creative Leadership Forum, which helps senior executives incorporate creativity into their work. One of their board members is from Brisbane and another is from Denmark! That should help me a bit. I wrote then an email, hopefully they’ll reply.

Tora, one of the people Ouafa recommended to me, wrote back saying that she didn’t have many ideas, but she hoped I found them. Sarita was a name that kept coming up in this conversations. She’s South Asian and seems to be based in the US. I have contacted her but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I should really contact the Brisbane Danish Club soon!!! And get on with my book. I just started…