Alex Overwijk used a tale of being the “World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion” whenever he showed off his talent for drawing near-perfect circles to his classes. He’s been telling the story for 10 years and for those ten years there weren’t actually any World Freehand Circle Drawing Championships.

Until now.

The video of Alex in class became an Internet phenomenon, with people getting curious about freehand circle drawing and the notion of a humanly-drawn perfect circle. The Freehand Circle Drawing Society was born, and the First World FreeHand Circle Drawing Championships were held in February in Canada. The event raised $1100 for cancer research.

What a clever and yet simple idea for a fundraiser! Who would have thought of DRAWING CIRCLES? Yet, due to an Internet phenomena, as well as people’s natural curiosity, cancer research now has extra funds to support its efforts.

I wonder what sort of fundraisers once can do with a KaosPilot theme that would be just as easy to implement. Free flights? Flights with the Air Force? Parasailing? (I did that recently on holiday in Penang and it was AWESOME.) Hmm, many brainstorms!

But first, breakfast!