Came up with these ideas while waiting in Penang Airport without computer access…

  • Brochures that look like air tickets – the paper ones that are being discontinued. Each page will have succinct info about my goal. The actual red ticket would be a form (with carbon attached to make a copy??) for contact and donation details. The receipt would be a boarding pass.
  • A prospectus that looks like a passport. This could be done rather cheaply if done zine-style – just the look of a passport, not its feel. The Money Exchange page would be the budget and different stamps can signify different things – achievements, goals, etc. People who provide support will get a visa that they can stick in the passport.
  • Custom-designed postcards, perhaps with a theme of “wish I was there!”. Get a BIG pile and send postcards to anyone I have an address for – particularly old host families and far-away friends.

The postcards would be the easiest to accomplish, since there are companies (at least in Australia) that make them. The tickets would have to be specially made. I have to calculate the costs to see if it’s worth the investment – no point spending $200 on promo material and only getting $10 out of it.

I have also just been accepted for the World Youth Congress 2008 in Quebec, Canada in August. I have to work out how to raise CDN 75 + CDN 350 + airfare by May. Hwargh. This KaosPilots thing is already eating up my resources.