Looking up travel insurance quotes for 8 weeks worth in Denmark:

  • RHB TravelProtector (Region 2) = (RM106 * 31 days) + (RM28 * 4 weeks) = RM3398
  • RHB Preferred Travel (Plan 2) = (RM162 * 31 days) + (RM36 * 4 weeks) = RM5166
  • PanGlobal Health = anywhere from RM238 to RM679 a year. I wonder if I can only use it for a year, because it would be quite affordable even if I get the most expensive option. (I won’t get travel benefits like cancellations or luggage, but I wouldn’t really need those for such a long period.)

I can’t seem to tell if most of the health insurance programs cover you overseas and are available for short-term. I don’t need to be covered till I’m 75; Danish public healthcare will take care of me for a little less than 3 months, and I can always sort long-term care when I return (wherever I return to). I wonder if insurance can be sponsored!!

It’s almost the New Year. I should get writing on my proposal letters ASAP.