Rosetta Stone – they have a Level 1 CD program, as well as online programs for 3/6/12 months.

Berlitz – when I was on the flight to Amsterdam, KLM actually had a pretty fun backseat program tha taught languages, and I learnt a little bit of Danish that way. I can’t seem to find a CD version of that anywhere, but there are books.

Institute of Modern Languages, UQ – $260 for 22 hours. Seems OK, and UQ is near where I used to live. They also have custom packages, one of which is at $75/hour (or less if I can get a bigger group).

Siti Salwa Abd Karim – this person lives in my state! Pretty pricey though (RM1500) and I’m not sure if they’d allow individuals instead of groups.

J Andersen – in Brisbane! Good contact when I return.

The annoying thing about some Learn Danish websites is that they never actually show you how to phonetically pronounce the word. This is important in a language where “Hej” does not sound like “hedge”.

ALSO! Am trying to find Danish press but they’re all in, well, Danish. Which would be OK except I can’t seem to figure out who to contact to propose a column. Are there any big English-language media in Denmark?

And look what I found! Scandinavian Society of Malaysia and ScandAsia, a news portal for Scandinavians in SEA. Mwahaha!