I just applied for an ING Direct Term Deposit for 90 days, which means I can save money at 7.35% interest until mid-March. I’ll have to find a copy of my bank statement that’s less than 6 months old (might be tricky because I might have kept that in Australia) and mail it to them so they can open the account. I’m depositing $25 to start with. A friend wants to contribute $5.

At least this way I can sock money away and not worry about it being used for a new book or some random thing that I don’t need quite yet. And it’d grow. I would make the term longer and get more interest, but I want to save up for the admissions workshop first.

It’s one more day to the New Year, and about 2 weeks until the applications are open. I really should start typing those letters up. I already have a 2-page proposal that I did for STA Travel, which I can adjust, and I can put a preliminary insurance cost (which is not the crazy $5000 or whatever it was I was to pay for one year in Denmark!). I just need to make a cover letter, print out my resume (adjusted for length, they don’t need to know EVERYTHING I’ve done), and a KaosPilots in 2 Minutes thing. I know Stockholm had Swedish versions of those letters but I don’t quite know about the one in Aarhus.

OK! So Fundraising Pack (first go!):

  • Cover letter briefly describing my cause and what sort of support I need and can give
  • 2 page proposal (adjusted)
  • Resume
  • Brief about KaosPilots

Also, anyone here great print designers? I want to make a short booklet that can cover as a fundraising pack.