first batch of letters

The first batch of fundraising letters have been printed and are ready to post! This batch is going out to:

  • Bertel Haaarder, Ministry of Education (Denmark)
  • Birthe Ronn Hornbech, Ministry of Refugee, Immigration, and Integration Affairs (Denmark)
  • Brian Mikklesen, Ministry of Culture (Denmark)
  • The State Education Grant and Loan Scheme Authority (Denmark)

Each pack has a cover letter, a 2-page proposal (based off the one I sent to STA Travel), an abridged resume with references, and the KaosPilot syllabus from their website. It was the best I could do considering the Aarhus school doesn’t have a 2-minute document like the other schools do. Dad’s sceptical that I’ll get anything, but you never know unless you try!!

I spent most of yesterday gathering contact details and sending proposals for partnerships & columns by email. Even on the last and first days of the year, I’m still working. I wonder if it’s possible to actually take a break. On the one hand, I don’t think it would make THAT much of a difference if I skip one day writing letters. On the other hand, what if that one day made all the difference?

Such is the dilemma of a lazy workaholic!

In other news: my sister got engaged!! Yay!! 😀