I participated in Mix.FM’s Game On the past weekend to get a shot at RM20,000, which would be a big help in my KaosPilot venture. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I did win RM300. Problem is, getting that RM300 required opening a CIMB Bank account…which costs RM250. Feh.

My postage for the 4 letters to Denmark was RM18. Yikes! I might just send the letters bound for Malaysia while I’m here, and send the rest as soon as I’m back in Australia. I can prepare them here and then just place postage as soon as I arrive.

The KaosPilots have sent me a very intriguing teaser:


Apparently it’s one of three. Hmm, I wonder what the other two could be…

One week till the applications are open! Meep!