For the past week or so I’ve been in a bit of a fashion binge. I’ve been looking up all sorts of fashion shops, trying to cultivate a (previously nonexistent) style, and actually expanding my taste beyond just T-shirts and pants.

During my hunt, I found a LOT of journals (mainly LJs) whose main purpose is to sell items. They’re mostly secondhand and run the gamut from clothes to books to media, even burned CDs. I’m buying some shimmer sticks of one such person and may buy some clothes from a couple of others. I’ve bought perfume through LJ before and it’s been satisfactory.

This made me wonder if I should consider selling my old stuff online. I have a TON of clothes that don’t fit me anymore or that I just don’t like. Vintage is big, and the definition of vintage is quite wide (basically anything old) so my things could actually sell. I also have books that I don’t read anymore (*shock horror*) and I could stand selling them off too. Maybe I’d get a better deal than at second-hand bookstores, where a pile only got me $20.

The main issue I’d have is shipping. While everything is in Malaysia, shipping with Pos Malaysia is majorly UNreliable – things go missing all the time. Half of my Christmas gifts from two years ago never showed up. Australia Post is more reliable, but since it’s far away from everything it’s also more expensive. I’d also have to consider how I’d transport my things (not just what I want to sell but also what I want to bring back from home) from Malaysia to Australia. Shipping costs may just take away any profit I’d make off my second-hand goods.

I could start by going through my things in Australia – I’ve left tons of stuff – when I return and selling off things I don’t envision myself using. I’ve got WAY TOO MANY things, particularly second-hand books that I bought for super cheap but never ended up reading. It’s the stuff in Malaysia that I really want to get rid of though. Hmm.

Any recs for super-cheap shippers from Malaysia to Australia? It’s not a lot, not even 10kg I reckon (with books, which are super heavy). My luggage may reach 20kg already and that’s the limit, so I’m wary of bringing more stuff back. I know there’s sea mail, but that takes FOREVER AND A DAY. Unless there is sea mail that isn’t quite as slow as I envisioned. How long does it take to ship stuff from Malaysia to Australia by ship anyway? If it’s a month or so, that’s fine, I can pick it up as I get back.

I was in hospital for a couple of days (panic attack, and a newly-diagnosed deviated septum) and in KL for the rest of that week, then fashioning out. I’ll be back in KL soon as EducateDeviate may be getting an award – investment money!!! I haven’t written any new letters yet; I probably should!