I’ve just quickly perused through the application…and OH MAN. This is far tougher than Stockholm, and that one kicked my ass. The general structure is the same (timeline, questions, creative assignment) but it’s also changed a lot.

They still have the requirement of 4 printed copies of the application, as well as 4 CDs of the creative assignment. Considering the creative assignment has to be uploaded online anyway, I don’t really see why I need to kill more trees and mail such a hefty set of documents. Maybe this time, to subvert the process, I’ll draw my responses. They didn’t say it was unallowed! 😉

Besides the application and creative project, I also have to submit a diary of the process of the applications. Pictures of me working, my rants about the project, scraps, etc etc. Well lucky for me I have this blog then! I could just keep updating this blog once in a while, add the App Diary tag, then print all the tagged entries. Or make two diaries: One of just this tag, and one with every entry to date. MWAHAHAHAHHAA. I wonder if they added this task because of this blog??

The questions are of the same style (probing questions of yourself) but they’ve changed the specific qs. The worst company I feel exists, what I don’t want to be asked (I remember the Stockholm one asked what question I wish was on there and I answered something about food; typical Malaysian), even asking someone close to me about how I could develop. Oh man. I am definitely going to get creative with this and make it all multi-media-artsy. I’ve just recently been caught up in a lot of scrapbooking drama (watching it, mainly) and maybe I can adapt this to my advantage. XD

The creative project is a puzzler logistically. I have to come up with a burning question for my generation, then come up with 3 ways I can answer that question – a company, an NGO, a type of education. Trick is, the whole thing has to be non-verbal, and it all has to come under 100 seconds. Does non-verbal mean no words AT ALL? What about songs or signs? Sign language? The other trick is that I have to shoot everything on a black background. What if I’m shooting something outdoors? A real-life situation? Using a slideshow of photos?

I’ve just asked Frederik the runner for clarification, hopefully he’ll help me out. I think I’ll concentrate on the first portion of the application until I get to Brisbane, then make the video in Brisbane (maybe hijack someone’s far better camera skills. VICTOR I NEED YOU!!!). Thing is, if they’re only notifying people in early April, that doesn’t give me enough time to get a visa because I need to spare a month (unless the Danish consul is very nice – I am meeting him so maybe!!). Which means I have to finish early. Possibly during the first week of classes (which is now a mess, because two of my classes clash and I’m reluctant to change the one I can actually change).

Oh my. Between this and trying to get funding, I don’t know where I’ll get the time!!!