I got in touch with the Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulf – I’ve been reading his blog for a while now but only just realized he was from Copenhagen. I told him my story and he referred two people to me – Carsten Ohm and Qle Qvist, both KP alumni. Hopefully something works out!

Nick Choo from Off The Edge, who interviewed me for an article in ’06, referred me to his editor Jason Tan for a proposal. I just sent off an email to him to see if I could write a column in Off The Edge about my experiences. It seems like the best fit for my story (business, culture, world issues) and I have some precedent so it’ll be a good match.

I also got an email back from Sarita, the American/South Asian KP, who suggested I just hound everyone vaguely related to my cause. Which is what i’m doing. XD

There is a bit of a funny situation happening online. YouthMalaysia sent out an email to all the nominees of their DotCom Search contest (where my other blog EducateDeviate is shortlisted). Thing is, they included EVERYONE’S email address in the To field. Which has been a no-no in email etiquette for quite a while now.

I noticed it the night I got the email and thought about informing them, but seeing as I’ve been underwhelmed with their general tech capabilities (they couldn’t even come up with a banner for me that didn’t use JavaScript! Their website is all graphics and nothing else! seriously, their tech staff are dodgy) I didn’t bother.

This morning, one smart fellow tried to make a point by Replying-All.
Chaos ensued.

Well, more like mini-networking, with some spam or two. YouthMalaysia’s inbox will be super flooded. Haha!

I’m just holding out till I hear the results and see their events for myself. From what I’ve heard, YouthMalaysia isn’t being too professional overall (Friends of a dear friend have been screwed over) but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and mark it down to greenhorn-ness and being new at this. But when you’ve just won a major award (AYA), you’ve been linked to major political parties (MCA), your founder won a TV show (The Firm, an Apprentice knockoff), and your organization is hyped like crazy as being the “premier” youth organization in the country…it may be a good idea to review your practices.

Maybe I shouldn’t badmouth a company that may be granting me RM20,000 – a LOT of money, certainly enough to fund my Admissions trip. Oh well, we’ll see this weekend.