Apparently the EU has declared 2008 the Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

This should really work in my favour; I’m as intercultural as they come!! I’ve registered for a Partner account and I’m looking up interesting people right now.

Mark and I went through the Danish-only Ud i Verden site recommended by CIRIUS. It’s meant for Danes going overseas, so I don’t know why they recommended it to me since I’m an overseas person coming to Denmark. We did find some interesting links, such as cultural arrangements and this mystery scholarship program that won’t open till end of January, so who knows! Maybe I’ll get lucky!!

As far as my app goes: I’ve gotten the video part mixed up. Only the “burning question” needs to be non-verbal; my answers can be verbal. I’m thinking of answering the first question of the application (map of your life) in scrapbook form; they said “write a short storyline” but when I did that for Stockholm it took PAGES. Scrapbooking would be more interesting IMHO. let’s see if I can pull it off.