I just found that Vodafone Australia’s Foundation supports youth projects, and that they have a World of Difference program which pays a year’s salary and expenses to support a young person volunteering at a non-profit. I’m bending the rules a little by using the KaosPilots in my application, but hey, you never know. I did get my uni scholarship by bending the rules, after all.

Mark is helping me by contacting his people in Denmark and asking for help. His Danish language teacher, Tobias, referred me to these scholarship guides. They are in Danish though, so I need help translating the content and looking for scholarships that suit me. (Anyone?)

I’m considering setting up the shopping page with as many fundraising-shop options as I can, including an Amazon associates bookshop. I’m not aiming for a LOT of sales, but every little bit helps.

I feel the key to the KaosPilot application is not to overthink plates of beans. It’s meant to be about ourselves, not about what we think they want. There are some questions that need a bit more research (what IS the worst company in the world?) but otherwise, perhaps the first gut reaction is the best.

I was at the National Youth Entrepreneur Convention last weekend and reached many new interesting contacts. Also met up with my bestie Spidey, who’s going to help out with a few things. Hopefully this gets somewhere!