1) The Danish Ministry of Culture turned me down too, though they didn’t seem quite as annoyed as CIRIUS.

2) I’ve contacted as many relevant Rotary people as possible. It seems that I could qualify for the Ambassadorial Scholarships, but that depends on whether the club in question has funds available. Anyone with more expertise?

3) Mark is AWESOME, enough said.

4) I’m finally getting some headway on my application!! I reused my “extended CV/life story” from the Stockholm application, with some edits – I tried writing a different one but it seemed really messy, and why reinvent the wheel? I’ll probably have to edit it down AGAIN so it doesn’t sound too much like “woe, my life is full of PAIN” or like I’m rambling (which I tend to do).

4.5) Am stumped on two questions:

  • What is your unused superpower? I know of some underused superpowers, but I figure that if I had any superpowers I’d already be using them some way or another – otherwise how would I know if I had them?
  • What is the worst company or private business that you know of? I know of some companies whose practices I am unhappy with. I don’t know if that qualifies them as “worst” though. It seems to come down to what you define as “worst” – worst in making money? Worst in human rights? Worst in customer service?

5) I heard back from someone else who’s applying for Team 15 – hey Thomas! If you’re also vying for Team 15, let me know – I’ll like to hear from you.