The KaosPilots have released their 3rd teaser for what seems to be their new newsletter (it can’t be the application, because that’s out already). It’s a memorial for the old newsletter, plus an interesting picture search. Take the challenge!

Pat, her friend Kitsune (heya) and I worked on drafting an email in Malay for the Khazanah scholarships. They’re a Malay organization and usually it’s better if you communicate in that language so that they take you seriously. We worked hard on making it sound formal and educated.

Then I get a reply – in casual English.


It’s good news though – they’re willing to look at my application, and I can apply for it under their Postgrad program (given that this would be a second degree – the Undergrad app is asking for stuff from Form 4, which is 2001). The form’s easy too, just demographic and school information. The only challenge is that it’s not parsing properly on my OpenOffice. so I have to figure that part out.

I got my first research job with BrainStore! The task was to look up Gellis Communications, a PR company in Brussels dealing with public affairs. They weren’t easy to look up as you had to pay for their annual report (it’s part of a bigger CD deal thingy with another company which has financial records of all the companies in Belgium) and a lot of other documents weren’t in English. I did my best in about 4 hours (max length of time) though, and hopefully I’ll get my 100 CHF (about 65 euro) – yay, first financial input for the KP fund!

I should really reapply for a Savings Maximiser; I might end up getting a penalty on the Term Deposit for opening it ahead of time.