One avenue of fundraising I’m looking at is hosting a party. The idea is to throw a party, charge entry, and raise funds through the sale of tickets and perhaps beverages/food. I’ve been to such events and I’ve been involved in organizing a smaller-scale event for the Oaktree Foundation. There are also a gazillion parties being thrown for students with less altruistic reasons, so I know it can be done.

However, I’m having a bit of a hard time finding personal accounts of people who have actually done this. I’m particularly stuck on logistics – specifically liquor licensing, security, and venue booking. If you have any tips, please contact me!

I’m quite drawn to the idea of an Indian/Bollywood-themed party. It gives me a chance to share my Bangladeshi heritage and it would be very unique compared to all the other parties that happen in Brisbane. Bollywood Dreams has some interesting services for corporate events – it would be great to have henna artists, bhagra/kawali bands, Bollywood dancers, mishti (sweets), and plenty of bindhi to go around! They even provide filming services (to make the party look like a Bollywood movie…hehe, that would be a good advertising gimmick!) and can arrange for celebrities (though I’m not sure which Bollywood celebrity would exactly be sympathetic to my cause). I’ve just contacted them asking about logistics and sponsorship, so we’ll see.

Other ideas for parties:

  • Party on a Plane (kaosPILOT geddit) – this would eat up carbon (and costs) like crazy though
  • Euro-themed, particularly Scandinavian themed
  • Cheesy Eurodance, with lots of Aqua (hey, maybe I can get them to throw a gig for me and share profits! I’ve loved them since I was 12 and they’re getting back together…hmm…)
  • Potlucks, though I don’t know where I’d make money
  • Food Fest/Snack Fest
  • Craft Party – I’ve been to CraftANoons, so this is an idea easily replicated
  • Naked Lady Party (everyone brings clothes they don’t want and they swap for stuff they want)
  • Trivia/Trivial Pursuit/Board Games night
  • BBQs, because every Australian loves them

hmm! any other ideas?

Also, if you’re Australian (and particularly if you’re a Brisbanite) please answer my survey on Australian parties . You need to be a member of the Brisneyland LJ community to reply, but if you don’t want to sign up for an account, just email me your answers.