I’ve completed the first draft of the application! Yay! Lots of teal deers running around, but I’ve sent that off to some of my friends who can help me edit it to coherence. Instant Boss, though just a simple app, was awesome at getting me motivated to finish off the last section. 10 min work, 2 min break. Or however you wish the numbers to go.

A few conversations about KaosPilots happened with some really close friends that forced me to confront my issues with the program and the process, and some things about myself and my relationship to others. I allude to it in the application, but I wonder how much of it I should disclose to the application committee. I figure that they required a diary specifically for reflections like these, and the contents of these conversations were at the heart of this entire endeavour.

However, I really don’t feel comfortable disclosing everything to just anybody. It’s personal. It’s private. It deals with a lot of issues that I feel I should tackle privately, not openly. I am usually not one to keep secrets or personal issues quiet – I’m really quite an open book. I’ve spoken at length about my panic attacks or my financial situation or my experiences with racism (etc) to just about anybody, because I like to share and learn. But in this case…just short summaries, to answer a question. but nothing more.

They didn’t ask for the publicity anyway.