I just got an email from Mandy of the Brisbane-based Fundraising Directory:

Hi Tiara,

I came across your blog when doing a search for fundraising.  We publish the Fundraising Directory (we are based in Brisbane too!) and would be happy to post you a copy.  We are only a small business so not able to help with donations etc, but we might be able to talk about buying articles etc from you about your fundraising efforts..

Anyhow, let me know an address to post the directory to, and we can go from there.

Kind regards,
Fundraising Directory

Yay more sponsorship! and possible money making too (making me more of a heartless moneygrubbing conglomerate, evidently), which would be great.

Australia Post is also offering me a good price for their fundraising directories; I should get back to them on that.

By the way – hello to everyone over at Pander Expats! I can’t access your entry (I’m guessing it’s friends only) but you’re showing up on my referrals and I’m guessing it has to do with my zine mess. Hate me or love me, I hope you at least find it entertaining 🙂