Entrepreneur Magazine: Students are learning business strategy by playing entrepreneur.

In schools across the US, business classes are using games to teach strategy and entrepreneurship. There’s an Apprentice knockoff where one student remains in the end after rounds of examining real-life cases, an D&D-style RPG based on business, and online simulations, amongst others.

I entered Business Icon last year and it was good fun, if very intense. I made it to the second round, but the stress possibly got to me because I was bawling after my elimination. We rocked the Oaktree fundraising though!

What a fun way to learn business! The high-stakes nature is likely true of real business too, though it can be rather draining (I definitely felt tired of the business world after I spent my first night puking). If you can maintain the balance between hardcore business, personal values, and community spirit, you’ll be alright.

How else are games used in education?