Beth Kanter, who’s a star online when it comes to nonprofits and social media, has written about me on BlogHer’s Social Change channel. Since joining BlogHer 2 years ago, the Social Change channel has been my favourite – I discovered one of my favourite writers and social changers, Britt Bravo, from that channel. What an honour!

The video is giving me conniptions. One scene I’m trying to make works better in Powerpoint (it’s essentially a bulleted list), but converting it to a format Ulead would like it is a PAIN. All the PPT – AVI converters either crash or stick on a HUGE watermark in between (I’m fine with 30-day trials, but don’t cripple the presentation with a watermark too!). Zamzar lets me convert my presentation (originally ODP) into SWF, but all the animation is lost, and all the SWF – AVI programs are buggy too. ARGH!!

Mark’s trying to help, sweetheart that he is, but I am in such a loss. Ulead is so nonintuitive (Windows Movie Maker even more so). And I have extremely limited time for this. I have the Edgeware conference this weekend, then uni, then I have to mail it in by March 3rd so I can mail it in and get counted. I have to upload this too! I’m on the brink of tears now.

damn videos. damn black backgrounds. damn creative assignment.