I have sent in the KaosPilot application. 4 copies of the questionnaire, 4 copies of the CDs (with my video and some other supplementary information), 4 letters, 1 set of diary excerpts. After many hours, much stress, and lots of wasted printage (Fireworks does not print well), it is now on its way to Aarhus, where it will be graded and be the determiner in whether I am one step closer to being a KaosPilot.

I also sent in my application for the Khazanah scholarships – I wonder how I would do an interview all the way in Australia!

God help me.

While we all wait in anticipation for the results (which is more than a month away, though I did request for early review so that I can get my visa in) here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from the video shoot:

Mark and the setup
Mark next to our “equipment” – basically his table lamp pointing upwards towards me, and his camera on the CPU

Mark and the camera
Mark setting up the camera – a bit tricky but we got it eventually!

The backdrop
Our backdrop – a $1 piece of black remnant cloth hanging on Mark’s bedroom door

My view

What I see when we’re filming – luckily the light isn’t that bright, or else I’d go blind

Mark editing
Mark editing the videos on VirtuaDub – which ended up not working because VideoStudio is picky. Feh.