And it’s also about the environment:

Nice work with the editing; however, not really answering the question! You need to provide examples of the three things (business, non-profit, education), not just speak generally. Then again, the KaosPilots are big on risk-taking so maybe that’d count…

I’m trying to keep a log of all the application videos, and so far I’ve found 3 (this one, mine, and Rune’s). The format of the titles are the same – kaospilots_application_firstnamelastname. If there’s an easy way to subscribe to this search string on video (would Google Search Alerts do the job well) it would be great. Thing is, where you upload the video matters, and while you have a choice of 3, some people may eschew YouTube and go for something a bit more obscure.

If you spot any other application videos, send them my way!