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Jeg læer dansk! Dav! Hvordan går det? Jeg er godt. 🙂
(translation: I’m learning Danish! Hello! How are you? I’m good.)

Weekly lessons at Manly, half-an-hour away by train. Am learning it with a lady who was in Denmark for four years and met her husband there, so my Danish is a little Aussie-accented (though with my weird combination of accents it could be anything, really). It wasn’t too hard, though some words are tricky because native Danish speakers say them really quickly, so words like “hedder” (name) sounds like “er” (is).


I’m considering getting a second-hand bicycle to learn cycling on. I never got past training wheels as a child, but in Denmark everyone cycles so I should at least catch up. It helps that I have a cycling nut for a boyfriend (who incidentally also speaks Danish!). There is someone at UQ who’s selling his/her bike for $80, which is really cheap as far as bikes go. Assuming it doesn’t get sold off beforehand, Mark and I will give it a test run on Sunday. woo!


The Edgeware conference went great! I did a short talk on managing to get to Stockholm despite all the possible obstacles, and people were entertained and inspired. Too bad Frank isn’t hiring for speakers in Brisbane – I would have rocked! (If you are a speaker’s agency in Brisbane, please get in touch!) One of the people I brought in for my group discount, Chakae, turns out to be an awesomely talented fundraiser. She organized a please-help-us-pay-the-rent party for a designer friend in 2 weeks, and was pretty successful. She’s such a colourful character (literally and figuratively) and I am SO glad that we met! I’d say she was one of the biggest gifts I got from the Edgeware experience.

Naked Lady Party

Speaking of Chakae and fundraising: Myself, Chakae, and Nikki (hello :D) are co-organizing a Naked Lady clothes swap, partly to raise funds and partly because I need to get rid of a LOT of clothes and accessories. The idea is to have the swap one evening, then sell the rest at a market stall the next day. We were going to get $20 for the stall in return for volunteering at an event tonight, but the event’s already got enough volunteers…oh well. We just got free space for the venue (yay Carla and International House!!) so all that’s left is to organize (pretty simple – get food, get space, get stuff) and advertise. Nikki and I have classes and Chakae’s busy with organizing the Virtual Everest fundraising team for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (sponsor Nikki, Chakae, and the Brisneyland community here!) so we probably won’t work on this fully till a fortnight or so. that’s fine; the hardest part was the venue, and we’ve got that down!

Course credit woes

I went to talk to my course coordinator, Adrian Thomas, this morning about getting my final elective-filled semester credited so that I could go to the KaosPilots while still having my QUT degree (otherwise I’d end up with a perpetually unfinished degree). The only way I could claim credit that way is to put in an application with detailed reference letters about all the work I did, but he’s skeptical that I’d get even one subject credited for that. He suggested that I go to Denmark anyway, and then write back to QUT after a semester with my progress report to get my credit, but visa issues may get in the way.

Honestly, I’ve more than proven my mettle in the subject matter, and I was way ahead of them with the workplace/service learning thing before they decided to implement it officially. Right now it’s a matter of bureaucratic paperwork more than anything else. I’m more than prepared to go to the KaosPilots without an official QUT degree; I’m not going to let a piece of paper stop me (heck, I don’t actually care; I’m not hung up on qualifications). However, it would be nice if I did manage to get that certificate so that my two years here isn’t completely wasted (not that I think it’s a waste; I did get some good things regardless of qualification, but at the same time learning for its own sake isn’t well-regarded in my culture. Feh.). I’ve emailed everyone I could think of whose reference letters aren’t so complete (and Bob, whose reference letter is PERFECT but has old contact details) and I’m getting that application for credit in!

House parties

I just finished Morrie Warshawski‘s book The Fundraising Houseparty, which is basically all about hosting a small party where you make a pitch for your venture and get people to support you. It’s simple, but quite effective if done right. To accomplish this, I need a good Host (someone whose house I can ninja) and I already have someone in mind; however, if anyone in Brisbane would like to host me, feel free to contact me!

Mental Health

I’m getting my mental health taken care of – I’ve sorted a Disability plan with the QUT Disability services that allows me to get extensions on my assignments if they start to pile up and I get anxious and stressed over them. I’m also going back on the Brisbane Mind program, which allows me 6 sessions with a psychologist for low prices. It was really helpful for me last year and this year I want to get preventative care – learning how to cope before the stress eats me. My year was ruined by my inability to get a grip on stress last year – things seriously fell apart. I don’t want that to happen again. I still need to find motivation to do uni work though.


Geez, nearly a 1000 words for this update, and this might be post #100 according to WordPress. Yay milestones!