After what seems like a long while (really a couple of months), I’m getting back to writing my fundraising letters and emails.

Among the companies/organizations I’ve contacted: Virgin Atlantic (flights between Sydney and London – big savings for me if I get this), Soroptimist Malaysia, Mensa Malaysia and Australia, Malaysian Young Entrepreneurs Association, Perdana Leadership Foundation, National Association for Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia, Australia Business Arts Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians…there’s possibly more I’m missing in here somewhere.

It’s so hard to find grants that apply. Either they don’t cover education costs, or I don’t have the right residency, or they don’t cover individuals. Feh. The Ian Potter foundations look promising though.

I’ve also sent a proposal by post to Virgin, which is apparently really good for this sort of thing. I also sent a letter to Darren Hayes, whom I adore – chances of getting a reply (let alone help) are pretty slim, but he’s been such a big influence in my life that it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

I got my bike, and will start lessons (with Mark) soon. Going for my second set of Danish lessons tonight. Here’s what I learnt last week (minus the funky characters):

Hej! Jeg hedder Tiara.
Jeg kommer fra Malaysia. (I know there’s a Danish word for this but I can’t spell it.)
Jeg taler du engelsk, og malaysisk, og lidt bengali.
Jeg er ellev. Jeg laeer Creative Industries paa QUT, og lidt dansk paa Mdm Andersen’s.
Hvordan gaar det? Jeg meget fint!

There’s also the numbers, which I can pronounce but not spell. haha.