I just thought of the most awesome symbol to use for my KaosPilot venture:

Paper planes!
Paper Plane by pCka

Paper Planes!

They obviously go with the “pilot” part of the KaosPilots, and they are still whimsical and fun and full of creativity. They’re easy to make, very versatile, and hella cheap too – just grab any paper you see and fold away. They’re especially nice to watch when launched from up high:

There have been companies that have used paper planes as a promotional medium:

Tea For Bini does a lot of paper plane-related art on Etsy. Here’s more.

I wonder how you’d mail a paper plane. Could you stick a stamp on it and mail it as is? Would you have to provide folding guides?

How about launching a whole bunch of specially-printed paper planes and inviting people to open them up? Have inspirational messages and invite them to this website?

Could you do a big paper plane launch and get people to sponsor planes? Perhaps like the Rubber Duck Races, with whoever’s plane going the further winning? There are already paper plane races, though you’d need to ensure you could get the planes further enough to make it worthwhile. That’d be a fun fundraiser though!

What other ideas could we use with paper planes?