Here are as many of the application videos for Team 15 that I could find on Youtube, plus a few extras (bloopers and Team 14’s clip). Altogether there are 69 videos (over 2 hours of programming) – and since the KaosPilots tends to get applications in the 100s, there’s bound to be more elsewhere on the internet.

This page is video-heavy. If you want to see all the videos in one post, click the “More” link below. You can also view the YouTube Playlist.

If I’ve missed your video, totally mangled your name, or you know of other hosting places for KP videos (I know people have been uploading them on Facebook and Vimeo), let me know 🙂

Alexander Friisvinther:

Allan Petersen:

Anna Permin:

Ane Kirk:

Aryan Sabour:



Cathrine Ertmann:

Cathrine Fredriksen:

Cecilie Heisterbergotzen:

Christina Kronenberg:


Claus Nielsen:


Cuney T Pala:

& Version 2:

Daniel Sarooi:

Eigirdas Zematis:


Emil Hansen:

Emil Rose Christensen:

Emma Mastad:

Emma Sofie Jensen:

Erik Lindgrenrunestam:


Esben Stoustrup:


Felix Bengtsson:

Frederik Svinth:

Haukur GudJonsson:



James Cavalluzzo:

Jeppe Johnsen:

Joakim Rex:

Kathrine Lundbyne:

Kenno Neibuhr:


Kristian Kjerri Thomsen:

Kristine Fullergee (it’s a bit broken):

Kristina Aagaard:

Janus Engel:

Jensanton Bjoernager:


Lone Skyum Schmidt:

Lotte Helle Valle (her sister was a KaosPilot too):

Majken Hartmann:

Maria Boldsen:

Mathias Juulthorn:


Mette Noernberg Pedersen:

Mikkel Koster:

Milad Badri:

Miriam Molnar:

Nanna Ulsoe:

and her diary:

Nicklas Beerman:


Nikoline Bucheritz Jensen:

Nikoline Hoegsgaard:

Nina Victoria Berg:

Petur Bjorgvins Veinsson (my spacing is off!!):

Peter Martin Jakobsen:


Rasmus B. Jensen:

Rasmus Jo:

Rune Andersen:

Rune Bjerre:

Selva Sol:


Sif Zachariassen (sorry if I’m spelling this wrong):

Sofie Jakobsen:

Sofiea Rogvi:

Solveig Helga (or Helga Solveig):

Thijsvan Tilburg:


Tiara Shafiq (me):

Thomas Simon:

Thorrigtrup Larsen:

and some bloopers!



And finally, some tips from Team 14: