April 2008

Anyone else applying for the KaosPilots Netherlands (Rotterdam)? Would love to hear from you. I’d also like to hear from those of you that went to the Admissions Workshop in Aarhus the past week.

I’m still partway through my own application. I originally thought I’d make it silly, but the silly isn’t coming out. The Life-As-A-CV section is drastically different; instead of my usual table, I got inspired by a section of Making a Living While Making a Difference and wrote a spiritual autobiography – about the things I’m drawn to and the events in my life that have affected the choices I made. Like all my other Life Stories, it’s a bit too long, so I definitely need some editing help.

The questions in this app are much the same as those in Aarhus and Stockholm – when will they get different questions already? When I told my dad about this plan, he asked me why I have to go through the process of applying again – shouldn’t they already have my information? Unfortunately that’s not the case…

Still a couple of days left to win KaosPilots A-Z 2! Response has been a little slow, but not bad actually.

…how is it going?

The KaosPilots NL are developing some creative financing ventures for potential students. Among them is a corporate-supported fund to cover fees for the first year, and work experience programs. They’re also working on getting Government funding.

They seem to be pretty focused and thorough on the funding ideas; the funding page just went up but there’ll soon be entries from those that have found creative ways of supporting themselves. Another plus point for them!

Also, I got a postcard from them this morning. Aww thank you! It’s purple with “Arabic” writing that says “this card can change your life”. I think they meant to send me something too with it, because there’s a strip of sticky tape in one corner, but it got lost in the post. Sorry guys!

Don’t forget to get your chance at KaosPilot A-Z 2!

KaosPilot A-Z 2

I am giving away a copy of the now-rare English edition of KaosPilot A-Z, which is filled with essays and stories about social entrepreneurship from KaosPilots board members and friends, such as the late Dame Anita Roddick and Alan Webber of Fast Company, as well as an alphabetical look into life as a KaosPilot.

This book can be bought for DKR 280,- or €40, which doesn’t include shipping and handling. I got mine from a second-hand dealer and it cost me AU$70 all up. And I’m going to give my copy away!

All you have to do is answer these simple questions. All the answers can be found on the KaosPilots.NL website. You’ll also need to describe the KaosPilots Netherlands in your own words. Don’t worry, we don’t need essays 🙂

Anyone can enter! Just get all your entries in by 30th April 2008. The results will be posted here by the 3rd of May at the very latest, and I’ll get in touch with the winner to send the book over.

Don’t hesitate, it’s just a simple task.

Enter Now!

Some reviews of KaosPilot A-Z 2:

Fast Company
Pioneers of Change

Reviews of the original Danish edition, KaosPilot A-Z (the version I’m giving away is in English)

Because I’m about to reapply for the KaosPilots – this time in Rotterdam.

Would this blog count as a form of marketing for KP? The creative assignment is to design & test a marketing campaign to promote KP NL. Though this blog has mostly been about the Aarhus school, I still managed to promote the KaosPilots to a whole bunch of people who had never heard of the program beforehand. It’s meant to portray KaosPilots Netherlands in a positive light though – and I haven’t really mentioned anything either way about them (except the fact that they too are recruiting).

Well, here’s something positive: they offered to send me a token by post in appreciation of my interest. Aww.

Hmm. Maybe my blog AND the Facebook group have been great marketing strategies. KP (all schools) have done blogs and FB groups too, but none’s really from the perspective of a potential student – sure, it may be hard to find one to blog for you if you ask them (because it may seem to be biased – “oh we’ll guarantee you acceptance if you write about us”) but as I mentioned before, it has linked KP to a whole bunch of new people.

At least I have a bit more than a month this time! And this time, I will have FUN with it. Be silly. At least give them a laugh, if nothing else. Maybe finish it off in 5 days or something.


Photo by Tojosan

From Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture:

In a virtual-reality course I taught, I encouraged students to attempt hard things and not worry about failing. At the end of the semester, I presented a stuffed penguin—“The First Penguin Award”—to the team that took the biggest gamble while not meeting its goals. The award came from the idea that when penguins jump in water that might have predators, well, one of them’s got to be the first penguin. In essence, it was a prize for “glorious failure.”

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. And it can be the most valuable thing you have to offer.

Hi all,

I’m sorry I didn’t make it as a KaosPilot, or even a TestPilot (the shortlisted folk). My request for reconsideration was turned down. At this stage, nothing short of a miracle would help me get through.

The Rotterdam school is taking in applications. I’m not sure if I want to apply. This has been a huge shock for me and at this point I’m not sure if I’m willing to risk it all again.

Thank you for your support, your kind words, all the help I’ve received through the past months. I’m sorry the journey was so short and didn’t really amount to much.

Unless I decide to apply to Rotterdam (and that would be in May), this would likely be the last blog entry for a while. Once again I thank you all wholeheartedly for your support and kindness.

Be well.

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