I’ve asked them to reconsider, and I’ve also emailed Ouafa, Michael, and Uffe asking them to be my advocate. Michael did offer that in the first place anyway, so I’m just taking it up.

If you are involved with the KaosPilots somehow, please be my advocate. That’s the best help I could get at this point in time.

At the very least, I deserve a reason. For goodness sake, this is the same school that offered me to apply for a scholarship. I went to visit them! If I could do it for Stockholm (cobble up a trip in less than a week) I could very well do it for Aarhus. I’m learning Danish, even. (though today’s meant to be my classes and I’m not sure I’m quite in the mood to study.)

They’ve got various teams across all the schools going into Asia. I dare say it would be necessary to have an Asian student.

Thank you for all your kind messages and support. I really really appreciate it. There is still the Rotterdam school (though that means I now have to learn Dutch). Some of you have suggested I explore other non-KaosPilot things, but at this point (a) I’m rather out of ideas and (b) I’m not sure I’m ready to expend all this energy into something else entirely.

Thank you Mark for covering for me yesterday. I love you.