Because I’m about to reapply for the KaosPilots – this time in Rotterdam.

Would this blog count as a form of marketing for KP? The creative assignment is to design & test a marketing campaign to promote KP NL. Though this blog has mostly been about the Aarhus school, I still managed to promote the KaosPilots to a whole bunch of people who had never heard of the program beforehand. It’s meant to portray KaosPilots Netherlands in a positive light though – and I haven’t really mentioned anything either way about them (except the fact that they too are recruiting).

Well, here’s something positive: they offered to send me a token by post in appreciation of my interest. Aww.

Hmm. Maybe my blog AND the Facebook group have been great marketing strategies. KP (all schools) have done blogs and FB groups too, but none’s really from the perspective of a potential student – sure, it may be hard to find one to blog for you if you ask them (because it may seem to be biased – “oh we’ll guarantee you acceptance if you write about us”) but as I mentioned before, it has linked KP to a whole bunch of new people.

At least I have a bit more than a month this time! And this time, I will have FUN with it. Be silly. At least give them a laugh, if nothing else. Maybe finish it off in 5 days or something.