Anyone else applying for the KaosPilots Netherlands (Rotterdam)? Would love to hear from you. I’d also like to hear from those of you that went to the Admissions Workshop in Aarhus the past week.

I’m still partway through my own application. I originally thought I’d make it silly, but the silly isn’t coming out. The Life-As-A-CV section is drastically different; instead of my usual table, I got inspired by a section of Making a Living While Making a Difference and wrote a spiritual autobiography – about the things I’m drawn to and the events in my life that have affected the choices I made. Like all my other Life Stories, it’s a bit too long, so I definitely need some editing help.

The questions in this app are much the same as those in Aarhus and Stockholm – when will they get different questions already? When I told my dad about this plan, he asked me why I have to go through the process of applying again – shouldn’t they already have my information? Unfortunately that’s not the case…

Still a couple of days left to win KaosPilots A-Z 2! Response has been a little slow, but not bad actually.