We have a winner for KaosPilot A-Z 2, the definitive KaosPilot book full of essays on social entrepreneurship and life as a KaosPilot. This competition was my response to the Creative Assignment posed by KP NL, which was to create and test a marketing tool for KP NL on at least 3 people. With 8 participants, I’ve hit that target, and I’ve contacted everyone to get feedback. But first, a funny story of how KP NL foiled me (kind of).

The winners were chosen by going through the responses, writing the names of those that had all-correct answers, and pulling them out of a hat. Out of 8 responses, this gave me 3 finalists. I did a draw, but wanted to recheck the answers for the question people kept getting “wrong”.

The question was on the values of the KaosPilots. When I made up the questions, I saw there were 5, and added another dummy 5 – “Compassion” was one of the “dummy” responses that kept showing up. Today, I rechecked the values, and whaddya know – “Compassion” is now a KaosPilot value! (It’s likely that I just wasn’t paying complete attention, but maybe I got foiled. Eh.) So now, instead of 3 finalists, I have 6 going into the hat.

Draw #1Draw #2

First Draw, with 3 finalists, and Second Draw, with 6 finalists

Oddly enough, both times I drew the same person! So you are a very lucky person…

The Winner - Sidney Ng


Sidney’s description of the KaosPilots:

KaosPilots is an opportunity to provide one with the paint to paint the potrait of life and add flavour and colour to the otherwise mundane. With the guiding principles of being true to yourself and being a positive agent of change, the KaosPilot program SIX values demonstrate the no matter how young a person is, if the person really wants to make a difference, he/she can do so in any way (no matter how minor) possible.The TEN principles are the principles of being an effective and efficient leader who would represent the future voice/generation of the world.

For the answers, and more responses, just hit MORE:

The Answers:

Q: Which of these is NOT one of the 10 principles of the KaosPilots Netherlands?
Emphasis personal profit over everything else

The 10 KaosPilots principles are:

#1: learning by doing
#2: don’t take yourself so fucking seriously
#3: don’t underestimate the power of a good question
#4: we strive to keep evolving
#5: you have to know your role and accept leadership
#6: think big and act for a win+win+win
#7: be attentive to your inner needs and connect to those of the group
#8: we build on trust and compassion
#9: allow yourself to be surprised
#10: you always have a choice and a responsibility

Q: In which Dutch city is the KaosPilots Netherlands?

The other KaosPilots schools are in Aarhus, Denmark; Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden; and Oslo, Norway.

Q: Who is the Principal (or Team Leader) of the KaosPilots Netherlands?
Peter Linde

Although having Albus Dumbledore would be cool, I reckon. Harry Potter/KaosPilots fanfic crossover?

Q: Out of the following, choose the FIVE values of the KaosPilots:
OK, here’s where I messed up. There’s six, not five. According to KP NL, the SIX values are:

Being at the KaosPilots has to be motivating and inspiring.

Real World
The students and the staff have to work with real problems, real people and real conflicts.

The school must never be out of touch with what is happening at street level in our society.

The program and the staff must be characterised by the will to be brave and take risks.

There has to be the right dynamic and balance between body and soul, between form and content and, not least, between human, time and economic resources at the school.

Human compassion and social responsibility must be the hallmarks of the school.

Q: Now that you’ve read through the KaosPilots Netherlands website, describe the KaosPilots in your own words.

Here are the reponses of the participants (Sidney’s is up before the jump) – a mix of positive and negative:

Ross Hill:

Another schooling option for young entrepreneurs, with a social focus.

Julie Allan:

Kaos Pilots is a value-based, social entrepreneurship education based youth leadership program. A provider of meaningful exchange, encouragement to engage to pioneers of change to constantly think, question, collaborate and engage in prosperous endeavours to effective a professional social environment where the intangible can emerge with its pure freshness.

David Mould:

A bunch of people who really want to do something good in the world and have a great deal of big picture vision and all the hippy dippy language to communicate amongst themselves but a real inability to expose their purpose and inner truth to the rest of the world. I’m hoping at least that you appreciate a critical friend and can recognise one when you see one.


experience paradoxes at KAOSpilots: be a the centre by placing yourself on the edge.

Andrew Ong:

KaosPilots is definetely answering the needs and cry of today’s youth and education. It is the difference that will create a new wave in the learning era.


I believe KaosPilot is pioneering the pedagogy of weaving threads of vision into future’s plan.

Emilie Aberg:

The KaosPilots strive to be a positive, visionary and creative force in society. By helping young people in a changing world become pilots, guides and inventors, they are empowering a generation who have been looking for a way to remedy what has been torn apart. They are stirring up a change and opening up peoples eyes as to how business can impact society and culture in a positive way. It’s all about creative empowerment and the realization that you can make money and make a change, all at the same time.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for participating!