Hey everyone!

I’ve received a couple of emails from people who have found this blog through googling for the KaosPilots. So I thought I’d post an update.

No, I’m not applying again. Not for a while. I haven’t really kept up with what KP is up to – honestly, the last rejection threw me in such a loop that for a long time I didn’t want anything to do with KP. I still keep in touch with some friends from there, but mainly because they’re cool people (rather than their KP connection).

I’ve finished my degree. Who knew this day would come?! I used my final semester for work placements, which was a good option (though there were a few dramas towards the end!). While there’s been a holdup with my grades, I’m generally done, and should be graduating by March.

Right now I’m doing some Vacation Research Experience with QUT CI – it’s for students who’re looking at doing post-grad work (or, in my case, because I like doing things). My project is to look up and summarize resources for the Disability Resources Wiki, full of stuff about disability and the arts. I just started but it’s pretty cool so far. I’ve also been involved here and there with local things.

My KP experience, as well as the experiences of the past year, have given me a new (early New Years) resolution: apply for all the longshots and be surprised. Instead of pining my hopes on the one thing, I’ll just apply for anything that looks interesting and see where that gets me. If I don’t get that exact thing, I would at least have known what was out there.

I have my eye on the Sauve Scholars, a one-year research fellowship sponsored by McGill University in Montreal where you can research any topic you want. It’s a bit over my head but having a year to work on whatever (in my case, youth engagement) would be awesome. And it’s fully funded, so no money worries!

There’s also Seth Godin’s Alternative MBA, which is basically 6 months work experience in NY with his company. Logistically I can’t do it – it starts in January and I can’t get a trainee visa in a month. besides, I’ve got stuff to do for the next couple of months. However, I’m still putting in an application, in case Godin or other people have other opportunities open. Also, the process is helping me develop content for my professional website, which was under hiatus for a while but hopefully will be launched in time for New Years.

I’m looking for something that makes people go “AWESOME”. Creative, socially conscious, cool, fun, flexible. Whether that’s study, work, my own venture, random travel, whatever. I’m in a new phase of life, I’m a different person, and I want to explore that difference.

Contact me if you have any ideas, or just wanna chat. KP folk can email me too – no hard feelings.

take care!