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About Me

Tiara Shafiq

Name: Tiara Shafiq

Age: 22

Location: Johor, Malaysia/Brisbane, Australia

Currently: QUT Student, serial volunteer, occasional writer, busy bee, youth & alternative education advocate

Interests: Youth, alternative education, travel, making a difference, volunteering, festivals, creativity, performance, the Internet, culture, reading, writing, non-profits, social enterprise, trying difference things, learning, being random

Skills: Idea generation, research, communication, new media, cultural diversity, travel, intercultural communication, energy, motivation, empowerment, logistics, Internet, computing, media, performance, creativity

My CV/Resume (.PDF)

About the KaosPilots

KaosPilot logo

(All information is from the KaosPilot International website)

KaosPilot International is an entrepreneurial education for young entrepreneurs and project leaders with a creative edge and a global mind. The school is located in Aarhus, Denmark making up the homebase of the Danish KaosPilot education while also being the international network of KaosPilot schools and educational programs.

BusinessWeek: Best D(esign)-Schools of 2007 – alongside other schools like Harvard, MIT, and the Haas School of Business in UC Berkeley (I think it’s the only non-university entry?)

Education Format:

  • Year 1: Project Design – more theory-based, but the real-world projects already start here. Group projects, I think one of them is marketing/branding-based. Recently they introduced boxing classes here too.
  • Year 2: Process Design – more independent, group exam (group project). 3 months Outpost, where everyone goes to a foreign country together to work on projects there.
  • Year 3: Business Design – extremely independent. Internships, often internationally. Final exam – individual project, which can be anything really.

KaosPilots Syllabus


  • Playful – It has to be motivational, creative and constructive to be at the KaosPilots.
  • Real world – the students and staff have to work with real problems, real people and real conflicts.
  • Streetwise – the school must never be out of touch with what is happening at street level in our society.
  • Risk-taking – the program and the staff must possess the will to be brave and take risks.
  • Balanced – the school must strive for the right dynamic and balance between body and soul, between form and content and, not least, between human, time and economic resources.
  • Compassionate – human compassion and social responsibility must be the hallmarks of the school.

What sort of students are they after?

You should consider to be a KaosPilot, if you

  • have the ability to have ideas constantly bubbling and pushing up inside and
  • want to bring your innovative and creative ability one step further
  • have the will and passion to develop socially responsible leadership in organizational and business contexts

And if you

  • are not afraid of making mistake
  • are not afraid of conflicts
  • have an inner kick-starter
  • sees opportunities instead of limit
  • have a high work moral
  • have a fighter spirit
  • can perform when it really counts
  • are a pathological optimist
  • are an excellent storyteller

Schools: Aarhus (International), Denmark | Stockholm, Sweden | Malmo, Sweden | Oslo, Norway | Rotterdam, The Netherlands


  1. To get into the Admissions Workshop for Team 15 of the KaosPilots International, Aarhus
  2. To get accepted into Team 15 (2008/09) of the KaosPilots International, Aarhus
  3. To have my fees and costs be at least 3/4 funded by outside sources such as grants and sponsorships
  4. To not rely on my family so much for money (like I usually end up doing)
  5. To learn more about Denmark and the KaosPilots
  6. To make a smooth transition between my QUT education and the KaosPilots (which will be tricky – I’ll end up missing my final semester)
  7. To get the word out about myself and the KaosPilots
  8. To not suffer too much stress from this project!!
  9. To get in touch with other KaosPilots, other social entrepreneurs, young people, and anyone interested in my journey
  10. To learn more about life in foreign countries
  11. To have fun and be the best person I can be