GiveMeaning is a website where people can put fundraising proposals up online and get support & ideas on how to make their fundraising efforts effective. They can also help collect funds for you.

I have put up my WBAKP proposal online and I need 100 votes by April 21, 2008 (a month or so away) for it to be active on the website. (I suppose this is to weed out spam and frivolous proposals).

Vote for Wanna Be A KP on GiveMeaning!

I’ve also applied for a Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellowship. Theoretically, someone else is meant to nominate you (and if you want to, go ahead! ;D) but there wasn’t anything saying you can’t nominate yourself. Fellows get all-access paid participation to the Pop!Tech conference in Maine in October, as well as a leadership/skills development workshop aimed at developing big strategic programs, and year-long access to mentorships and networks. They’re particularly looking for those under 35, and those outside the US. Hey, I fit both criteria 🙂

Firefox is annoying me with its constant crashes. It’s just as unstable as IE before I switched over 4 years ago. I think I’ll be switching to Opera.


I just got a letter from the Danish Ministry of Refugees, Immigration, and Integration telling me that funding wasn’t really in their jurisdiction – but that they have forwarded my letter to the Ministry of Education for further action.

The same Ministry of Education that told me off for contacting them every way I could. Hmm.


It’s just like how half of the KP board members I contacted, including Uffe Elbæk, kept forwarding my plea onto the KP management. I think they’ve received at least 5 emails all saying the same thing – and that’s not counting the emails I sent them myself. Ha!

I sent off my application for the Australia Culture Fund; I wrote a new proposal because there was some criteria I had to respond to, and if I could make it shorter it could be my new proposal, because it mentions my aims as well as my fundraising strategy. Feel free to contact me if you want to take a look at it and help rework it. The main thing missing from that proposal is what the recipient stands to gain from it, but that wasn’t what AbaF was after so I didn’t include it. I do have a paragraph along those lines in my other proposal though.

I’d like to rework both proposals and come up with something that could fit in one A4-sized flyer. It’d have to be very punchy and succinct – two things I’m not, unfortunately. Since it’s more a promotional thing, I don’t have to be quite as detailed, though I have to work out a way for people to see all the details once they come here.

Is there such a thing as a Corporate Sponsorships Directory? One that lists companies’ CSR policies, what they fund, and how to apply? If not, I could start such a thing, based on the information I’ve gathered. It’d be a BIG undertaking, but it’d be useful. Heck, a Fundraising & Sponsorship Wiki wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

The Naked Lady Party now has a date – 13th of April. It’ll be at Ivor Cribb in International House, St Lucia. We might make this a slightly bigger event than just a clothes swap, thanks to Chakae’s magical ability to get support out of the most random places. My request for a fundraising houseparty from someone else got turned down, but holding it at IH after the NLP would be a good plan.

It’s funny how one of my biggest supporters is known for snippets of erotica (hello Twittilate!), while the people I thought would be my biggest shoo-ins for support have turned out to be rather exasperating and unreliable. That adage fundraising organizations like to use about how you should go to friends and family first for support is really, really broken. From my experience, and those of others, they would most often be the absolute WORST at supporting you. According to this AskMefi thread, they feel obligated and exploited, and then never get back to you. It’s the acquaintances, the folk that know you but not too well, that usually end up being your biggest assets. As said here:

Also, from the many fundraising events I’ve done in the past and the causes I’ve swam, run and partied for, I’ve learned one majorly disappointing truth: the closer people are to you, the less they will donate. It’s just the way it is. Family and friends always feel obligated, and they rarely come through. Strangers will write the big checks. I would hear all the excuses from my close friends and family members (money is tight, you know I just bought x,y,z, etc.), but I would receive heartwarming letters and big donations and support cheers from people I barely knew. It really blew me away.

The trick is, then, to reach out to those “strangers” and get them on your side.

Would anyone like to sponsor a return flight from Brisbane to Copenhagen?

Preferably 21-27 April; arrival and departure dates flexible, but I need to be in Aarhus on the 24th and 25th of April. So at least 1 day before and 1 day after.

The reason I’m asking now is because I need to have proof of flights when I apply for my visa, and I want to apply for my visa as soon as I hear of my acceptance for the admissions workshop. If I absolutely have to, I’ll buy the tickets myself, but I’ll then solicit donations to make up for the cost. I’m currently asking for corporate sponsorship from a few airlines, but it’ll take a while before I hear from them.

I can negotiate acknowledgement with you – just contact me.


After what seems like a long while (really a couple of months), I’m getting back to writing my fundraising letters and emails.

Among the companies/organizations I’ve contacted: Virgin Atlantic (flights between Sydney and London – big savings for me if I get this), Soroptimist Malaysia, Mensa Malaysia and Australia, Malaysian Young Entrepreneurs Association, Perdana Leadership Foundation, National Association for Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia, Australia Business Arts Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians…there’s possibly more I’m missing in here somewhere.

It’s so hard to find grants that apply. Either they don’t cover education costs, or I don’t have the right residency, or they don’t cover individuals. Feh. The Ian Potter foundations look promising though.

I’ve also sent a proposal by post to Virgin, which is apparently really good for this sort of thing. I also sent a letter to Darren Hayes, whom I adore – chances of getting a reply (let alone help) are pretty slim, but he’s been such a big influence in my life that it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

I got my bike, and will start lessons (with Mark) soon. Going for my second set of Danish lessons tonight. Here’s what I learnt last week (minus the funky characters):

Hej! Jeg hedder Tiara.
Jeg kommer fra Malaysia. (I know there’s a Danish word for this but I can’t spell it.)
Jeg taler du engelsk, og malaysisk, og lidt bengali.
Jeg er ellev. Jeg laeer Creative Industries paa QUT, og lidt dansk paa Mdm Andersen’s.
Hvordan gaar det? Jeg meget fint!

There’s also the numbers, which I can pronounce but not spell. haha.

If you’re a social entrepreneur, activist, thinker, idealist, young achiever, or anyone else in between, come by to Brisbane this weekend for Edgeware’s Do Well conference!

In Do Well, you will be able to:

  • Hear from other entrepreneurs on how they make their ventures work
  • Share your stories and ideas on your projects
  • Work together on practical hands-on workshops to boost creativity and energy
  • Share your expertise with eager learners
  • Network with people from varying industries
  • And much more!

Do Well will take place from Friday 22nd February to Sunday 24th February, at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre in New Farm.

Tickets usually go for $500, but as part of a special “Little Legends” offer (especially made for me!) you can gain entry for just $100 – an 80% discount! I have TWO spots left for this discount, so quickly drop me an email at tiara.shafiq@gmail.com for further instructions.

I’ll also be presenting on Saturday afternoon, so it’ll be great to see some of you there.

Thanks and be quick!

I just got an email from Mandy of the Brisbane-based Fundraising Directory:

Hi Tiara,

I came across your blog when doing a search for fundraising.  We publish the Fundraising Directory (we are based in Brisbane too!) and would be happy to post you a copy.  We are only a small business so not able to help with donations etc, but we might be able to talk about buying articles etc from you about your fundraising efforts..

Anyhow, let me know an address to post the directory to, and we can go from there.

Kind regards,
Fundraising Directory

Yay more sponsorship! and possible money making too (making me more of a heartless moneygrubbing conglomerate, evidently), which would be great.

Australia Post is also offering me a good price for their fundraising directories; I should get back to them on that.

By the way – hello to everyone over at Pander Expats! I can’t access your entry (I’m guessing it’s friends only) but you’re showing up on my referrals and I’m guessing it has to do with my zine mess. Hate me or love me, I hope you at least find it entertaining 🙂

I’ve just been contacted by GourmetFundraising, who help groups fundraise by giving 15% of the profits of gourmet food sold online. Bit of an oddball idea, but it might help.

Heck, there are a LOT of fundraising websites that operate by giving portions of sales. Magazines seem to be a big one. Maybe I can set up a Shopping Page and let people buy through my site.


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