OK, I’m trying to work out a formula to calculate what a year’s expenses for me in Denmark would be. However, not all the numbers I have fit neatly into “one year” chunks.

the exact values aren’t so important now, but if it helps:

Start-off costs (things that only happen once, at the beginning): Entrance Fees, Student Visa, Mac Laptop, Airfare, Train, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance
Monthly costs: School Fee (per month, but only for 10 months), Living Costs (per month, for 12 months)
Could happen anytime within the year: Books & Materials (for the year)

Monthly costs: School Fee (per month, but only for 10 months), Living Costs (per month, for 12 months)
Could happen anytime within the year: Books & Materials (for the year)

Monthly costs: School Fee (per month, but only for 10 months), Living Costs (per month, for 12 months)
Could happen anytime within the year: Books & Materials (for the year)

(travel doesn’t figure in Year 2/3 because the assumption is that I stay in Denmark for the whole 3 years. There is a sem-long Outpost overseas in Year 2, so cost of supplies may be higher, but KP covers the travel. If I go back home or go elsewhere in those 2 years, that’s on my own dime.)

How can I calculate a good monthly (or at least small) figure out of all that info? I figured that people would be more likely to sponsor a month than a year or 3 years in a chunk. How do I organize this?


Daniel CerVentus, co-founder of Ideapreneur and myself are looking for 21 candidates to be featured in our upcoming eBook about young Malaysian entrepreneurs.

We are looking for the following:

  • Malaysian – doesn’t have to be a citizen, but has to be connected to Malaysia in some way
  • Age 30 and below by 31st Dec 2008
  • Self made or revolutionary in an an existing business/organization – for profit, non-profit, social enterprise
  • Highly respected in their industry
  • Have great passion for what they are doing.
  • A great example what Malaysia have to offer.

Please send all your suggestions to Daniel or myself before 14th February 2008. Thank you!

I just got an email from the Danish consul in Brisbane asking me to ring him up with I’m back to set up a meeting. Score! I’ll have to start preparing some documents, then. When I was trying to fundraise (unsuccessfully :P) for my Up with People trip, I wrote a letter to the US Embassy and managed to get a meeting, where they gave me some ideas. Hopefully this will turn out well too.

Kasper the team leader advised me to write my scholarship request as a cover letter. That’s good – the questions are already full-on as it is and adding another bit of information on top of that would be overkill! I wonder if it would be the same as the other apps. They tend to be the same year after year, with the creative project being the only variable. The project in Stockholm was to write a presentation on a business idea – I’d laugh if Aarhus has the same one!

Larissa Sansour wrote back, and thankfully she wasn’t offended with my question about her interaction with Joshua (he’s Israeli, she’s Palestinian). She’s Christian (so my “salam” was misplaced, whoops!) and she told me that the conflict’s political, not religious, and she’s fine with people who recognize that, so there hasn’t been any issues with Joshua. She also recommended Ouafa (the awesome) as a source of information.

  1. Come up with a One Page Proposal for this project
  2. Keep in touch with the BrainStore people
  3. Look through my store of contacts from GK3 and ask them for assistance and ideas
  4. Research KP partner companies
  5. Consider making Facebook group
  6. Start looking up funding on SPIN now that my account’s been approved
  7. Make yearly budgets
  8. Find out once and for all what the situation is on Danish healthcare (free or not?)
  9. Find better quotes for Danish healthcare, if I have to pay for it
  10. Get a pile of aerogrammes and start writing
  11. Start planning prospectus
  12. Look up fundraising by “share” sales
  13. Ask Daniel for contacts
  14. Ask Spidey if she knows any Danes, or any connect-able people (she is pretty connected…)
  15. Look up:
    • UNESCO funds
    • EU funds
    • Trans-Asia-EU funds (I didn’t even consider that…)
    • Danish companies in SEA
      • Maersk
      • United Plantation/Aarhus United
      • Norden Singapore

In the GK3 conference there are 2 Walls of Opportunities set up – one in Centerstage for the main exhibitors and one in the YSEI tent. I left messages in both walls asking for help with KaosPilot funding. So far I got a reply from Ruairi of SpunOut, offering linkages (he is a pretty nifty Irish dancer XD), and Daniel of Ideapreneur, whom I’ve befriended, posted a note under mine saying he could connect me with investors. Silly person, he could just talk to me since we chat all the time! But it’s fun, and a LOT of people have been posting up opportunities. I hope they collect and archive all the messages and put them up online, that would be a GREAT resource.

Amy Baker, whom I’m guessing is Laurie Meadoff’s assistant, has offered to set up a time with me to chat with her about my request. Yay! It will be a little tricky as she is based in the US, but at least this is something concrete. Who knows where it would lead to.

While I was at GK3, I spent a LOT of time at BrainStore’s ideaFactory (by the way: HELLO BRAINSTORE PEOPLE! I know you’ll probably find this blog in five seconds, as you did last time. Say hi. :D) playing with ideas. Phase 1 was to come up with all sorts of inspirations – the sillier the better, IMHO. In Phase 2, the inspirations are collected and exhibited, and visitors are asked to come up with more concrete ideas fitting the theme of World of Entrepreneurs. You could write them down on paper or key them into their database, and if you want them drawn there are Illustrators wandering around to literally visualize your idea. The better ideas are hung up on display and people vote for their favourite three, then the ones with 3 or more votes will be (or already have) processed by an expert thinktank until they choose the best 20 to be presented at this evening’s Closing Plenary.

I contributed about 20 or so ideas on the World of Entrepreneurs theme, and many of them earned a lot of votes. Among them were youth investments, NGO/Social Enterprise money, a socially-conscious dating service, abolishing exams (very typical of an educated deviant!!), a system to suggest research topics to academics, and much more. I must have set some sort of a record!! I won’t be surprised if half of the 20 ideas at tonight’s plenary are mine, really. I did jokingly ask people to “vote for MEEEEE”, but it was more empowering for myself to see my ideas up for sharing and people actually appreciating them.

I managed to get the attention of Markus Mettler, the founder of BrainStore. He’s a bit younger than I expected given that the company was founded 17 years ago (he started it when he was 20). I asked him (as I did everyone else) how I could get involved with BrainStore and when he asked me what my strengths are, I told him “those better ideas you have at the Airport (the display area)? Half of them are MINE.”. As soon as I said that, he offered me a one-year traineeship at BrainStore in Switzerland. w00t! (Well, I have to APPLY first, but chances are good.) I then asked him if his company could sponsor me to be a KaosPilot student. He didn’t really say anything, but did say that if I ever make it to Europe, I’m more than welcome to work with BrainStore. He’s supposed to connect me to Anne who works with Research too, as I love researching.

If the KaosPilots thing doesn’t work out, at least I have another option! But I am DEFINITELY going to send him a better proposal soon. I need to look up this business of fundraising by selling “shares”. Sounds like a great idea, but I’m not sure what I can offer investors. Ideas?

Speaking of which. I’m considering hiring BrainStore to come up with fuindraising ideas for me. RM30, not bad. I hope they accept PayPal.

My goodness, so much help and support coming my way just today.

Ouafa is a SWEETHEART. I love her. I love love love love LOVE her. She passed my email on to a few people in the Aarhus school for me to get in touch with. She also answered my questions thoughtfully and gave me some good ideas. (Who knew there was a DANISH oil palm plantation here??)

Soren from the Danish fundraising organization replied – their organization actually works with NGOs rather than individuals, so they didn’t really have an answer. However, they did invite me to their offices (nearby KaosPilot’s, apparently) if I make it to Aarhus and want to work with development. They’ll make a great contact.

Mark, the guy I talked to in Aarhus, also gave a good reply. He suggested I get in touch with Jytte, who used to be the Aarhus principal and (I think, if I’m remembering the right person) now heads the Stockholm school. Apparently Jytte has a friend that could help me with funding, but I’d be the first person to actually ask for help so I might be given a tough task. Or something. It’s all very mysterious and Mission: Impossible ish. Sounds interesting, but I hope the task isn’t something so dangerous!!

Kasper, the current team leader, wrote back telling me about what some of his students did. Apparently they weren’t too successful with grants and fundraising, so the more common ways are through loans, work, and parents. This concerns me. Parents are DEFINITELY out; they told me that if I want to do anything besides uni I’ll have to pay for it myself. (There are also a lot of control issues but I won’t get into that.) I’ve been raised never to borrow money, so loans make me uncomfortable (particularly interest rates!!). As for work – no part-time job I can get, save for nude modelling (uh, no), will make me enough money in a short time to cover fees. It’s definitely a viable support, but I can’t just DEPEND on work.

David Madie from Startup Company also suggested a job, since a lot of companies would like to hire KaosPilots. I’m looking into some freelancing opportunities right now, but I need to figure out a job where a few gigs can pay me a fair bit to live on. Public speaking apparently can be rather lucrative, but how do I break into the industry?

Stian, whom we met from a Hospitality Club request, has been extra supportive of my journey. He suggested two ideas: a pitch page to explain what I’m trying to do (I have this on my About page, but I can definitely rework it), and a YouTube video which is basically my pitch in video. Funny idea; I can definitely come up with something.

I’m quite touched by the outpouring of support, really. People are really backing me up here. This is awesome. I hope I don’t let anyone down.

This next few days I am at the GK3 conference as a media volunteer for the Young Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Forum. They’ve just launched (or .com?) where youths can put up projects and find funding. Maybe I can post my KaosPilots thing there. I did sneak in a hand-written note in the display material. There was a Funding panel today, with tips and LOTS of passionate questions about how to get funding as a young social entrepreneur. I asked about my situation, and got these answers:

  • A venture capitalist: Why don’t you look on the Internet? My goodness, most useless answer ever. Hello Madam, you are asking this of a woman who has been online since 1995. If I could have found SOMETHING online, why am I asking a GROUP OF POTENTIAL FUNDERS for other ideas?
  • A banker: Whatever I do, I need to be a very good salesman. Since I’m not an NGO or a business, I am essentially selling the “worthiness of my soul”, and I need to make sure I can market that. Good advice, wish I could have heard more.

The discussion nearly got very heated at some points – people were really strong-minded about their experiences. I’m quite happy about that.

We did some sessions with BrainStore today. A Swiss company whose job is just to come up with ideas. BEST BUSINESS EVER. I also got confirmation for my talent in idea generation, which was pretty empowering. Now if only I could actually come up with ideas to fund my KaosPilots journey. Or pay them CHF 10/RM 30 to do it for me, ahaha. I’m looking into working as a freelancer with them, and I’ll definitely ask them for funding. Most perfect company ever, come on.

Sorry for the lack of links. I’m exhausted; today was good but a LONG day. Hopefully I’ll be this lucky for the rest of the year and then some! 🙂

Well whaddya know. There is an organization called The Resource Alliance which is all about international fundraising – and they have a nifty list of fundraising organizations worldwide. Turns out Australia even has a fundraising magazine.

I’m contacting the orgs in Denmark and Australia, as well as the magazine, to see where that takes me. I’ve also emailed Kasper (the staff member whom Kristine said had worked with students with financial difficulties) and Cameron (president of the International Young Professionals Foundation) to see if they have any ideas.

Other websites to check out: IYPF’s Opportunities page, Skoll Foundation’s Opportunities page, TakingITGlobal’s Funding page, Razoo, One-Net, Zaadz too?

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