To make my mission successful, I will need a LOT of help. Here’s how you can assist me:


Want to sponsor me? Here’s how:

  • Money/financiallyHere’s how much money I need to sustain myself on the program. Any cent helps. I can’t promise tax-deductibility, but I can promise that I am honest and will use the money well. I will fully account and acknowledge all donations I receive. If you can help with making donations tax-deductible, or want to know how to send money, please get in touch.
  • In-kind – among the things I would appreciate in-kind sponsorshop for are:
    • Danish student visa
    • Flight and train tickets
    • Short- and long-term accommodation in Aarhus (host families are awesome)
    • Insurance
    • Books and other study supplies – notepads, stationery, bags, etc
    • Mobile phone (mine is in pieces) and Danish mobile phone number
    • Website hosting & domain for WBAKP
    • Apple Mac laptop
    • PR/Publicity
    • Clothes & shoes for Danish weather, particularly winter clothes
    • Danish language lessons

    I’m willing to consider other useful forms of in-kind sponsorship – just contact me.

  • Advertising on WBAKP – I’m open to selling ad space on the sidebar of this blog to various companies and organizations (at my discretion). I can’t use Javascript on this blog so typical ad/tracking code can’t be used, and I am not willing to do paid reviews. I’m open to other ideas though.
  • If you are interested in funding or sponsoring my journey, want to buy an ad, or if you have any ideas/networks/resources on funding and sponsorship, please contact me.

    Important Information:


    Please pass the word out about this blog – I could use some company. Just link to me:

    Wanna Be A KP –

    Do also join my FaceBook Group and invite your friends.

    I’m also open to media and press publicity, as well as public relations contact. Please contact me if you have any ideas or proposals.


    I’d love to get in touch with other KaosPilots and TestPilots, social entrepreneurs, youth, well-wishers, business and non-profit people, and anyone else that’s willing to help. Feel free to leave a comment on any of the blog entries, or get in touch.

    Other Opportunities

    If you have any other opportunities that I could consider, or any other ideas for this blog, drop me a line.

    In Return

    In return for sponsorship, I am willing to provide the following (from here🙂

    • Access to an international network of energetic youth, social entrepreneurs, non-profit and business community members, and a whole lot of inspiring people
    • Connections to a vast range of companies and organizations
    • Promotion and publicity on this blog and/or EducateDeviate
    • Regular updates on my progress
    • An opportunity to have me work for you for a while, during (as an assignment/internship) or after the KaosPilots
    • Speaking and consulting on youth empowerment, alternative education, and cultural diversity
    • Thank-you events to show my appreciation
    • Recognition as someone that supports enterprising young people working for social good

    Do let me know if there are other ways I can show my appreciation for your support.